Get Motivated: Motivation Monday

Helloooo Monday! 
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Monday is here again.  I think Monday is just the perfect day for a post on motivation! It's hardest to get out of bed on Monday when you know you have a whole week of work and responsibility ahead. Motivation plays a HUGE role in fitness and healthy eating as well. There has to be some sort of internal drive to push you to make good choices. Sometimes it's easy to get motivated, and sometimes, not so much.

Last week I touched a bit on how new workout clothes can be motivating. And how! New workout clothes are the BEST and always mentally nudge me a little to get up and get moving. Another thing that helps in motivation is a fresh new workout playlist! Music can make or break my workout so I really have to pick songs that are upbeat and that I'm interested in. I also make sure to switch it up a lot so that I don't get bored. I'm one of those people that you probably hate...you know how there are people that hate when they ask, "What kind of music do you like" and the other person responds, "Everything"? I don't understand why people get so irritated with that answer....I really do like pretty much any genre of music, and I think my current playlist perfectly shows that. Here's what I'm listening to now:

1. Hero- Skillet: LOVE rock. LOVE Skillet. Great workout music.
2. You Can Do It- Ice Cube: classic, upbeat, and reminds me of Save the Last Dance so...can't really go wrong. 
3. Radioactive- Imagine Dragons: this song's pretty popular right now and I love the beat of it!
4&5- 100$ Bill and A Little Party Never Killed Nobody- Great Gatsby Soundtrack, which I can't get enough of right now.
6. Round Here- Florida Georgia Line: Just bought tickets to see them in concert on Sunday!! So excited and I love this song right now!
7-9: Mirrors, Sail, Pumped Up Kicks- Just a few random songs that have a nice tempo
10. Easy- Sheryl Crow: A slower song to cool down and stretch to.

My current playlist is all over the place in terms of genre but all of the songs (sans the stretch at the end) have nice, upbeat sounds that are perfect for me while I'm lifting!

The last motivation piece I want to talk about is Pinterest. OK Pinterest is addicting on its own, but one of the best uses for it is to get motivated to work out and eat healthy! There are so many people online with the same goals and just searching "fitness motivation" brings up tons of workouts, quotes, and pictures that are sure to get you pumped. If I'm having a hard time feeling ready to work out one of the first things I look at is Pinterest. I can always find something that will push me mentally to get at it.

Some pictures from my Fitness board:

How do you get motivated to work out? Do you have any specific songs that you listen to at the gym? Share!


  1. I LOVE buying new running clothes/shoes....when my hubby complains, I tell him he spends just as much eating out! :)

    1. I KNOW! It's probably my favorite motivation to work out. New clothes in general are just fun :)

  2. New workout clothes are the best! I just bought some new Lululemon sports bras since its been so hot that i've been taking my shirt off at the gym and they make me feel amazing :-)

    1. YES! Wish Lululemon wasn't so expensive...I would own every piece of clothing they come out with :)