Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Fudge

Sorry for being so MIA the last week! My family finally made it to Tucson :) Their first vacation here. It has been so much fun! We've been going going going the entire time. They leave tomorrow at 10 am and I'm definitely not ready for them to go.

Like I said in my last post, I made quite a few recipes last week so here's one of them. I decided to finally make the Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Fudge that I found on Pinterest. The secret ingredient?? Spinach!!! That's what gives it the green color. The good news is you can't taste it at all! This is similar to a previous post where I made PB cups. The main ingredient in those was coconut oil. The main ingredient in this fudge is coconut butter. You can definitely taste the coconut but the fudge is still pretty good. If I had to give this recipe a grade I would give it a B-. It wasn't the best thing I've ever made but definitely not the worst either. I would say I'd make it again in the future but I found another Mint Chocolate fudge recipe that I'm going to try out next week so I'll be sure to post how that goes! I found the original recipe here.

Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Fudge
Place the following (in this order) into a food processor and blend until a green liquid is made:
1/2 cup of spinach leaves (remove the stems)

Add the following to the “green juice” and process in the food processor:
4 TBSP of melted Coconut Butter (use microwave – 25 seconds)
You can use it as a dairy butter substitute in recipes.
It hardens when you place it in the fridge/freezer
It imparts a rich and creamy texture to the fudge. 
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder.
1 tsp of raw cacao nibs

Line a square or rectangular glass dish (a Tupperware container will work too) with plastic wrap. This makes it easy to remove the fudge from the dish for cutting. Pour mixture in the dish and freeze for at least 30 minutes.

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