Healthy Chicken Salad

Things that make me happy: coming home after work and seeing my little weiner dog pop his head over the couch, watching episodes of The O.C., sitting in the hot tub watching the sun set, running around our neighborhood looking at the mountains, hearing my boyfriend's truck pulling in the garage, to name a few. The thing that makes me the MOST happy? Eating one of my favorite foods and not feeling guilty because I know I'm doing good things for my body. Chicken salad is loaded with fat, sugar, and salt, a big portion of which comes from the mayonaise that holds it together. Well! Switching out a few ingredients takes care of those issues really quickly. I made this for dinner tonight and I can tell it's going to be a regular in my menus from now on.

Healthy Chicken Salad
Cooked chicken
Sliced apple
Sliced grapes
Greek yogurt
(Vegenaise- optional)
Garlic powder
Lemon juice
Salt and pepper
Sliced almonds
Dried cranberries

Mix everything in a bowl and eeeeaaatttt yess!! I used 1 spoonful vegenaise and 1.5 spoonfuls greek yogurt. The recipe I was going off of used just greek yogurt and no vegenaise, but I stumbled upon it today at the grocery store and was so so excited so I used a little! I have been meaning to try out a recipe for paleo mayo that I found awhile ago but this just dropped itself out of the sky in front of me so I went with it. All healthy, natural, and clean ingredients :)

I ate mine with a little lettuce and baby spinach. Try on wheat bread, with crackers, or however your little heart desires. It is so, so good!!

** If you can't find vegenaise and are interested in making your own paleo mayo, here is a recipe/website I found that has a fairly simple recipe. 


I haven't made it yet but the comments seem to include many people who have and it looks delicious.

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