WOD for 2/26/13

After being on the sideline list for bronchitis for a week, I finally did my first workout yesterday since I've started feeling better. I wasn't sure if it was too soon or not to start back up again but immediately when I started my body responded in all positive ways: my sinuses cleared up during my activity time, my muscles were sore and pushing and holy crap my quads were burning from my first few burpees. Felt great! Can't wait to get home again and start getting back into my normal non-sick routine. I have a trip to Vegas in June and I am going to be working hard the next few months to get into perfect shape :)


7 rounds for time of:

7 push press (I used my 25 lb sandbag)
7 crossfit situps
7 burpees


It's important to take rest days, even when we don't want to! Our muscles tear and become sore during exercise, and we need a couple days a week to let them replenish and heal again. Also, when you're sick it's important to rest and let you body get well again. Some people say if it's sickness from the neck up (cough, congestion, sore throat, etc) you're good to work out and if it's from the neck down (chills, weakness, etc) you should rest. I say use your brain! I had bronchitis and while I spent quite a few days weak and unable to move from the couch, most days I just had a really bad cough and horrible congestion. I asked the doctor that I saw last Friday. What she recommended, and I agreed with, was to just sit out for awhile. Even though I hated not being able to work out I knew that if I did exercise I would most likely set my body back even longer from recovery. Even though most of my symptoms were above the neck I felt miserable and working out would have made it worse. I want my body to be healthy again so I can go full force now. I still have a little bit of congestion/runny nose but other than that I feel good again so I am easing my body back into my normal routine. The sick season is upon us (seriously all of my kids are sick) so keep in mind if you're feelng not-so-hot, give your body a break.

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