Pepper Pasta

I'm not really a big fan of pasta; I've never been. However, I do really enjoy the taste of Italian pasta-like dishes- I love sauce, parmesean, mozzerella, mushrooms, garlic, and all the other general goodness that comes from comfort food meals. One of my favorite healthy bloggers is Taralyn Mcnitt at Undressed Skeleton. She always has great ideas on how to make traditional meals healthier and this is one of her ideas that quickly became one of my favorites.

Since I don't like the actual pasta noodles, I can prepare a "pasta" dish using peppers instead.


Bell peppers cut into strips
Clean/organic/healthy pasta sauce (Prego light smart was the best I could find at Fry's! Low sodium, low sugar)
a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese
Olive Oil
Seasonings for peppers (I had Mrs. Dash salt free Garlic and Herb and Lemon Pepper, and onion powder)
Toss those peppers in the skillet, cover with seasonings and a drizzle of olive oil, and cook until they are at your desired tenderness.

I put about 2 spoonfuls of sauce on them and two shakes of Parmesan. I usually also like to sprinkle a little skim Mozerella on top but I didn't have any this time. That's OK; it still tasted delicious :)

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