Fish in Foil

One of my favorite recipes for dinner, and for packing lunches for the week, is fish in foil. I love salmon and eat it a few days a week. I really like to switch up how I make my fish in foil, and then use the leftover salmon on my salads for the rest of the week for lunches.

Fish in foil is pretty self explanatory and simple. You use a type of fish (salmon, tilapia, mahi mahi, etc), a few vegetables, season, wrap in foil, put on the grill and you have dinner ready in about 15 minutes. 

So I started last night with my salmon filet, 1 squash, 1 zucchini, 1 lemon, olive oil, and a few seasonings. This time I used all Mrs. Dash salt free seasonings: Garlic and Herb, Lemon and Pepper, and Caribbean Citrus. Yes I have lemon and pepper seasoning and an actual lemon...I like lemon.

 Start by tearing two pieces of foil about the same size that will be big enough to hold your fish and your veggies. Place the fish on one piece of foil and season. I put my spices on, drizzled with olive oil, and then cut the lemon in half and did one squeeze on top.

Next, cut up your veggies and place them on top of the fish. Any vegetable will work: broccoli, pepers, squashes...pretty much anything. I squeeze the rest of the first half of lemon on top, then sliced (or tried to slice with our crappy knives) the second half and laid it on top.

Take the second piece of foil and place on top. Fold the ends of both pieces so that you have a nice foil pack.

Place foil pack on grill. I turned the flame on medium. Depending on the size of your fish, you will probably want to let it grill for 12-18 minutes. I had a pretty big filet, so I grilled for 13 minutes, pulled it out, cut the fish in half, and then put it back on the grill for another 6 or 7 minutes.

I also got to enjoy a beautiful sunset by the pool while my fish cooked :)

And dinner is ready! I cut a piece off the end about the size of my palm for dinner, along with about half the veggies.

The rest was put in the fridge for my lunches. For tomorrow's lunch, I made about the same size slice and put it on top of lettuce, leftover quinoa, and the vegetables.

And the leftovers for the rest of my lunches this week!

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